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What's Hot
Wedding & Cake Trends
Looking for the 2011 cake trends? Here is our compilation of the trends for the new year based on our observations, wedding dress trends, and some of the buzz around various bridal sites.

Vintage: The fastest rising trend for weddings this year is definitely the vintage 20's. Using this theme means picking up on art deco as well as soft, romantic styles, coupled with bold & flirty accents.You'll find yourself using vintage colours like teal, purple, brown, blue, green and pink (among a few others), all in varying shades.

Modern: Even though vintage is making quite a comeback, modern is ever growing. Less traditional choices for colours and themes for cakes, are high on the modern wedding theme list. Make statements with bright, bold colours (black and white is still very much in), bold accents and details as well as mixing and matching different shapes and sizes and heights of cakes (or styrofoam) for visually stimulating combinations. And for everyone opting for the non traditional and more playful dessert options, wedding cupcakes are still in, and cake pops seem to be quite a growing trend!   
D-I-Y: There is still a lot of emphasis on do-it-yourself weddings, as a way to save money and/or make your wedding more personal with all of your little touches. More and more we see couples who want to personalize their wedding on every level.  What does this mean for cake?  With the ever growing popularity of reality cake decorating shows, clients will see more of what can be accomplished with cake and pushing boundries, so be prepared to step out of the ordinary! Brides looking to create their very own cake have many options and will not be afraid to explore them! 

Traditional: Regardless of the times and latest trends, traditional themes will always remain a staple. Fairy tale, Princess, Classic elegance weddings etc... will always be an option, and for some the only one. So keeping with your classic white and/or ivory themed cakes, or encorporating soft, romantic themes and colours, and cake toppers will never die. So keeping that in consideration it's important that you don't forget the basics of decorating - you'll still need them for years to come.

And remember, all the trends and themes have been gathered and compiled from the latest wedding gowns released by top designers, continuing cake trends from 2010, and personal opinion, so you can choose to use them as a guide... or not!

Product Update
What's in

The Airbrushes Are In!
For everyone who was waiting patiently for the ABCS - Complete Airbrush System with Moisture Trap to come in, it has arrived!  These are hot items will be gone in no time, so don't wait to get yours!

Precious Moments Cake Toppers!
Looking to capture a moment? Remember all your precious moments with these porcelain figurines to last you a lifetime. These figurines make the perfect cake toppers, or as gifts for those special occasions!
Multiple styles available, figurines are available in store only, while supplies last - Don't let these Precious Moments pass you by.

                                                       Newest Products!
In Stock March 1st!
                                                                                    *Top and Bottom Petals of Lily plungers are sold as one set*

These are just some of the things you can make using the plungers:


Leaf Rose:
*Note: Lily cutter sets can also make a lovely Pointsettia*

                   Also available: our ALL NEW Metal Turntable!

                           Products will be available for purchase March 1st. Product prices and codes to be announced.

How To
Simple Elegance Cake

Looking for an elegant yet uncomplicated design for your next occasion; Wow your guests with the 'Simple Elegance' cake! This concept can be applied to birthdays, weddings, showers, baptisms and everything thing in between, and don't be afraid to add your own touches!

*note: quantities of ingredients my vary based on size of tiers, and personal changes.*

Product Code
Product Description
800gm Ivory Sugarpaste
1lb Royal Icing Powder  
1oz Pearlized White Sugar Pearls
800gm White Sugarpaste
Caramel Ivory Food Paste
Piping Gel
Plunger Style Forget-Me-Not; Medium
Plunger Style Forget-Me-Not; Large
Plunger Style Teardrop; Small
Plunger Style Teardrop; Medium
Flower Former - Small
Plastic Serrated Crimpers
Bekenal Tip Size 1.5
6" Round Styrofoam Cake Dummy
8" Round Styrofoam Cake Dummy
10" Round 1/2" Thick Drum Board
4" Straight Spatula 
Piping bag or Parchment Cone
Ivory Ribbon
                    *To calculate the appropriate length of ribbon use the formula provided; Circumference = 2 x 3.14(PI) x Radius

(Remember all instructions are as if covering a styrofoam cake dummy)

Covering Board
  • Apply piping gel to cake board using the straight spatula *always be sure to water down your piping gel to a creamy paste consistence before applying
  • Roll out paste to correct size for covering board
  • While paste is still fresh and soft, use serrated crimper to create a pattern on board
  • Set board aside to dry
Covering Cake Dummies
  • Sand the top edges of cake dummy
  • apply piping gel
  • Roll out paste to correct size for dummy
  • Cover, making sure to roll over top of cake to remove air bubbles
  • Smooth as usual; using plastic scraper trim off excess paste
  • Repeat process for other tier(s)
  • Set aside and allow to dry
Stacking Tiers
  • Once the cake board and cake tiers are dry, adhere the bottom tier to board using royal icing in center of board
  • adhere next tier also using royal icing in the center of the cake dummy, ensuring all tiers are centered prior to drying
  • To complete stacking, pipe a bead border around the bottom and top tiers using a bekenal 1.5 tip
  • Using the 288M and 288L begin cutting out the flowers
  • If you would like to have a few formed flowers to give the cake depth, you will need to make and form these ahead of time using the TFFORMS flower former, so they have enough time to dry
  • Once formed pieces are dry, decorating can begin
  • Using small amounts of royal icing, adhere the dry flowers to the cake
  • The flowers that are being applied as you make them (fresh) can be applied by brushing a small amount of water onto the back to adhere the wet fondant to the dry tier
  • Using the 291L and 291S begin cutting out the leaves (again some can be dried ahead of time)
  • Use the same application for the leaves.  To create more visual interest and depth with the leaves, lightly pinch one end of the teardrop together as though gathered around a stem.
  • Once flowers and leaves have been adhered to the cake in the desired pattern, begin piping a few stems in appropriate places; making sure not to over do it to keep the simple delicate appearance (they do not need to connect every flower and leaf)
Sugar Pearls
  • Pipe a small amount of royal icing onto the cake tier, and apply sugar pearl
  • Continue this so that each section has several bunches of 3 pearls
  • Visually, placing pieces in odd numbers is more appealing, so keep that in mind while applying the sugar pearls *note: you can change the amount, proximity, and placement of the pearls as desired
  • Continue applying pearls in this manner, until desired effect is achieved
To finish cake, apply a traditional porcelain cake topper, simple floral arrangement, or any other pieces tying into your theme (your topper will depend on the occation)

                                                                        Ginger Pear Cheesecake

9” Deep Dish Pastry Shell
Cream Cheese
1/3 Cup
Large Eggs
6 pcs
Australian Crystallized Ginger, finely cut
½ Cup
Flaked Almonds, toasted
Pears, thinly sliced

  • Preheat oven to 275oC.
  • In a mixer, whip cream cheese sugar and vanilla.
  • Add eggs and mix until well incorporated.
  • Pour cream cheese mixture into the pastry shell
  • Top with the sliced pears, sprinkled with crystallized ginger and toasted flaked almonds
  • Bake for approximately 1hr
  • Let cool completely before serving.

Geraldine's Travel Teaching

This is a 3 day, 3 night event with instruction from 7 of the top named "Masters" in their field.
Come join Geraldine as she takes you through a "Trilogy of Techniques" masterfully instructed and presented; along with the other 6 top named decorating "Masters".
Sunday March 20th through Wednesday March 23rd
Sheraton Norfolk Waterside Hotel
Norfolk, Virginia

The Maryland Chapters of I.C.E.S. Presents the Great American Cake Show and Wedding Cake Competition where Demos and classes are taught by World Class Sugar Artists!  There are Hands-on activities for Children and Youth, and opportunities for Decorators of all skill Levels!
Geraldine will be demonstrating "Airbrushing on Fondant with Impression Mats"; You will learn how to use both 'Geraldine's Impression Mats' and 'Complete Airbrush System with Moisture Trap'. Geraldine will also be teaching a Hands-On "Gumpaste Flowers" class: In which you will learn first hand how to make a sweet pea, hydrangea, and peony all out of gumpaste! Don't miss this great opportunity! 

Saturday April 30th - Sunday May 1st
10am - 5pm
Shipley Arena
Westminister, MD

Spring and Summer Gumpaste Flowers
(Hands-On)                                                   $170.00

Learn to create the three most popular flowers for Spring and Summer weddings; Hydrangea's, Daffodil's and Sweet Pea's.  You will be learning the proper techniques to making these three flowers as delicately and realistically as possible, creating stunning pieces to accent your cakes.

#GPF11 - Feb. 26th, 11     9:30am - 4:30pm

New Pleating Techniques
(Demo)                             $50.00

Come and see pleating done like never before! Creative Cutters has an all new set of pleaters that are perfect for making lovely, realistic and elegant Z and Box Pleats.  With these tools you'll be able to pleat your sugarpaste as though it were fabric.  Let Geraldine take you through the steps of using the new tools, and show you all the wonderful things you can do with these tools.

#NPT11 - March 5th, 11    9:30am - 11:30am

                                                                    There is still time for you to register!
                                                     New Classes coming soon!

Don't forget to check us out on Facebook!

Geraldine's Creative Cutters | Promote Your Page Too


Upcoming Classes Specials - Register Now and Save

James Rosselle - 4 day Gumpaste Flower Intensive

SPECIAL: Register by March 11, 2011 and receive your entire supply kit & Required Tools for FREE! A $500 value!

(Kits will be distributed on the first day of class for you to keep!)
Date: April 27-30, 2011 9am to 4pm
Location: Redondo Beach, CA [map]
Price: $1,499.00
Availability: Seats Still Available!
view class details

Lucinda Larson – 4 Day Buttercream Technique Intensive Class

Early Bird Special! Order by Feb 25, 2011 save $200!

Date: March 17-20, 2011 9am to 4pm
Location: Seattle, WA [map]
Price: $1,199.00 (only $999.00 if you register by Feb 25th!)
Availability: Seats Still Available
view class details

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Trabalho na Zank You, revista de casamento do Terra.
Hoje busquei inspiração para escrever um artigo sobre Bolos de Casamento e achei seu site na internet.
Gostamos do seu trabalho e a incluimos no artigo. Espero que goste!
Um abraço,

Marisol Blest
Zank You Brasil
Twitter: @zankyou_brasil

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Como as ruas que tem duas mãos, os links em meu site, também!
Existem três modalidades:

  1. Você é ou foi meu(minha) aluno(a), falou de mim ; retribuo falando de você e encaminhando clientes para você.
  2. Em seu site tem um setor de links no meu também , falamos um do outro!
  3. Você contribui enviando uma receita para meu livro de receitas, sua assinatura na receita será o link para seu site ou blog.
Porem, se por algum problema ou reforma de site , você retirar o link, nós também retiramos.
Parece justo?
Um abraço

Flávia Millás

quarta-feira, 9 de fevereiro de 2011

ELA CHEGOU : Martha Stewart Crafts Cricut Cake

Junto vieram outros brinquedinhos que minha irmã e sobrinha trouxeram.
Sei que muitos compraram e não estão com o resultado que esperavam!
Esse tipo de desafio me seduz....
Prometo mergulhar em soluções para nosso clima e matéria prima!
Contem comigo!
Martha Stewart Crafts Edition of the Cricut Cake Electronic Cutting System

terça-feira, 1 de fevereiro de 2011


Recebi a dica de uma aluna, ainda não fui conhecer,mas parece ótimo.
Acho que dá para resolver muitas necessidades.